Untutored Art Sessions

Untutored Art Sessions - Term 1 Timetable 2019

Untutored art sessions are a brilliant way of spending your art time with others.  The sessions are friendly, co-operative and are a less structured way to progress your journey in art. 

                          All mediums are used by the participants and you can attend the sessions when it suits you.  There is a small fee charged to cover the use of the room, and any model fees that may apply

TUESDAY 9:30 1:00 4 OPEN DRAWING/PAINTING Jan 15 (full term) Untutored Session Kaye Smith/Judy Webber 9870 1922 / 9499 2638 $7 $10 $40
THURSDAY 1.00 to 3:30 4 OPEN TO ALL MEDIUM 31/1  (9 weeks) Untutored Session Lisa Higgs(Mentor J Fenton) 9727 1106 $7 $10 $40
FRIDAY 9:00 to 12:00 3 OPEN DRAWING/PAINTING Jan 25 (full term) Untutored Session Kaye Smith 9870 1922 $7 $10 $40
SATURDAY 10:00 12:00 4 LIFE STUDY Feb 2 (fortnightly classes) Untutored Session Yvonne de Valle 0413 784 278 $17 $25 $130
1:00 to 3:30 4 PORTRAIT Feb 2 (weekly) Untutored Session Nina Ryan 9733 0214 $12 $20 $90


*Members Only Term Fees are due and payable at commencement of Term – after which time Member Casual Fees apply.

$40 Term Fee *Members Only for OPEN Untutored Sessions also allows use of Studio 3 when Studio 3 is not being used by a class – refer above timetable.

$7 Casual Fee * Members Only for use of Studio 3 when Studio 3 is not being used for open or untutored sessions or a class.

$90 Portrait Term Fee applies only to your chosen session.

$130 Life Study Term Fee applies only to your chosen session.

Credit Card Payments – when processed please write name & details of payment on the back of docket prior to depositing into SAFE.

All Cash & Cheque payments – please supply name and details of payment prior to depositing into SAFE

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